[Early bird] Back in the Game - Autumn cycle 2019

[Early bird] Back in the Game - Autumn cycle 2019


Get ready for your transition back into an active professional life after a stay-at-home break! Reconnect to your purpose, revisit your story to create a compelling, authentic narrative that reflects your true value and challenge your approach to time management.

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How does it work?

This cycle comprises two day-long workshops in Geneva, with group video calls in between. Every week, you will receive reading material and exercises to prepare for the next meeting or call. Have a question? Need help with one exercise? No problem, you can contact Ekta and I throughout the cycle via email or Facebook messenger.

Who is this for?

Back in the Game is for men and women who wish to resume an active professional life after some time dedicated to full-time parenting. We’ve been here and we know that this process involves learning about yourself as you are now, rearranging the house schedule so that you can free up the time to look for a job, owning your story to make an impact whenever you pitch yourself, either formally or in everyday social activities.

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