Meet our team


Maria Alice Stock

founder, chief inspiration officer

I came to Geneva in 2009 after my husband found a job in the city. It was a monumental change for me. (Apart from a short spell in Paris, I had so far lived only in São Paulo, Brazil). Always curious and creative, I embraced the challenge of adapting to a new country with enthusiasm - and also a good dose of anxiety, I must admit. While I fell deeply in love with this city, I  also discovered how hard it can be to rebuild your network, find a job and be(come) a mother away from extended family and friends.

Based on my own experience of reinventing myself twice since I arrived (first as a student, later as a mother), and everything I learned in the long process of in setting my professional life back on track, I founded Bonjour Geneva to support and inspire other people facing the same challenge.

For me, work has to be fun. I’m on a mission to help moms and dads out there find joy in the transition back into an active professional life

I love children’s stories, coffee, and waking up before everyone else.


Ekta Sikder

Business development and motivation lead

 A New Yorker in Geneva! 


I have been working with start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging businesses for over 15 years.  As an independent business advisor, I support my clients with business, strategic, and revenue growth opportunities.  

After 6 years living in Geneva, my family and I know we made the right choice.   

I enjoy meeting people and making new discoveries.  During my journey to build my new community I have had opportunities to meet with some amazing individuals, who are discovering their own stories.  These occasions having been enlightening experiences for me as not only did I enjoy listening and learning from these people, I also got a chance to provide constructive and valuable feedback to help them present themselves in any future opportunities they have moving forward.   This for me was an ideal scenario between what I was already doing for my clients and realizing the value it creates for an individual too.  More importantly, it continues to be extremely rewarding and fun.  Joining Bonjour Geneva is an ideal way for me to continue to build and support my community, share my experiences and learn from others. It’s all about a hands-on collaboration!