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In 2019, we have a new membership format, comprising at least 9 events throughout the year. Here is what’s included:

Networking café

Bonjour Geneva’s much-loved event is the proof that networking can be fun!

Nourishing conversation, useful tips and mood-boosting guaranteed!

There are 6 networking cafés per year:


Breakfast sessions

A morning dedicated to reconnecting with and making room for your needs and talent so that everyone around (starting with you) can benefit.

These sessions happen 3 times per year:

  • January: a fresh perspective on new year resolutions.

  • May: Essentialism basics for better time management & less frustration

  • September: theme coming soon.


Online group

Stay in touch between one event and the next with our closed Facebook group.

Exchange feedback, ask questions and suggest topics that you would like us to explore.

Fee: 180 CHF/year

*Please note that, unless otherwise stated for specific events, drinks and food are not included in the membership.

Members also benefit from offers from our partners and special prices on the other services and events offered by Bonjour Geneva.

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