Helping women rise: Hanna Girling from TAC-She

A couple of weeks ago I told you on Instagram I was on my way to interview Hanna Girling, founder of TAC-She, whose blog is filled with precious advice for women looking for a fulfilling life and career.

[I actually posted a picture of the post-it on which I wrote her 5 tips to improve efficiency. Seriously, they are so simple and effective that it's worth sticking them right in front of your desk. Perhaps what I love so much is that I felt free to stop multitasking?]

Turns out that day we had to cancel at the last minute as a sick child needed to be picked up from school. (This episode started a rich exchange about how we deal with events that derail our plans, and a reflection for me on how I set priorities, which I'll explore in another article).

We did manage to talk a couple of days ago, via video conference. About Hanna's path, about helping women rise, and about her career change lab. If you are considering a major change in your professional life, or if you are confronted with the need to do so because of a relocation, this may be just the thing you need. 

[Though in the video you will only see Hanna talking, we did chat for a good 20 minutes ;) ]

You can read all the juicy tips Hanna shares on her blog here:

You can also join the TAC-She sisterhood, or contact Hanna at