Tackling Impostor Syndrome with Sandrine Larive

A few weeks ago, I shared a story about how I felt like a total fraud in my first job 15 years ago as a market research trainee. Judging from the enthusiastic responses, I had definitely tapped into something.

We all have that feeling one moment or another, especially when we are starting something new. Sometimes we manage to talk ourselves out of it. Sometimes, though, the impostor syndrome really gets in the way between you and the highest contribution you can give to the world.

It may result in procrastination: never launching that business idea, or hitting send on that email with a job application you poured your soul into. Or perhaps unconscious self-sabotage, like when you let a thousand things come first and send your plans to the end of the line every time. And if you don’t put the feeling in check, it may become a pattern.

That’s when it becomes problematic.

Building self-confidence is, of course, a never-ending process, because we keep changing and challenging ourselves. I grant you, there’s no magic solution, and we are each one at a different stage in our self-development path. However, it is possible to learn how to deal with impostor syndrome in a healthier way.

That’s the theme of the April 3rd networking café with guest speaker Sandrine Larive, insight associate director at General Mills.

With over 14 years of experience within the corporate world, Sandrine is a female leadership champion. She founded a Women's Leadership Network within her company and leads of one of the numerous Lean In Circles she helped to launch in 2018.

Having experienced impostor syndrome at various moments of her career, and having facilitated discussions about this topic within her company, Sandrine will share with us a few techniques to overcome the block when self-doubt arises.

Read the article she write about the subject on LinkedIn, I’m sure it will inspire you to join us on April 3rd! ;)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Maria Alice StockComment