Bonjour Geneva's new season

After having started as a blog and evolved into networking cafés, Bonjour Geneva is about to begin yet a new season supporting women and men who want to resume a professional activity after an extended period at home with the children!

Those of you who have been following me from the beginning know that it all started as a blog to provide inspiration and tips for women who were trying to make sense of their new life after moving to Geneva. Then came the networking café with mini workshops designed to help you in this personal and professional integration in your new home.

And now, almost two years after I started this adventure, it’s time to build on everything I learned along the way and launch a new chapter for Bonjour Geneva.

I realized that the people I was attracting were not the newly arrived, but instead women who had been in Geneva for a while and wanted to pick up momentum to resume a professional activity, to have a life of their own after years being primarily the household CEO. 

And that’s precisely the reason why I got into all this in the first place: Bonjour Geneva was my creative strategy to find my way back into work life.

At the same time, I realized that I no longer wanted to work with women only. While it’s still true that women take up the largest share of childcare and housework, and that it is us who often give up our professional ambition (at least temporarily) to take care of children, there are, fortunately, more and more men who are taking up the role of primary caretakers, and who face a similar challenge of making sense of their path and returning to work after those years of full-time parenting, especially in a context of consecutive relocations, as is the case of many families in Geneva.

So, Bonjour Geneva’s revisited mission is to support men and women in the transition from full-time parenting to an active professional life.

We will do this through our networking cafés, but also through a new program that we will be launching this fall, designed to help you clarify your purpose and organize your life accordingly and revisit your path to present yourself to the world in full splendor.

Maria Alice StockComment