Trading ALL THE THINGS for a feeling of accomplishment

We are confronted with pressure to do-it-all-have-it-all on a daily basis. If only we are productive enough, organized enough, resilient enough, we can juggle any number of activities and engagements, or so we are told.

There’s no limit to what we can accomplish, we are told.

There is truth in that. But the key that unlocks exponential results lies in what you understand by “being efficient”. If we think of being efficient as tackling all the tasks and responsibilities thrown at us (as fast and as perfectly as you can at that), it is basically a shortcut to burnout. Or, at the very least, to frustration.

The only way to be efficient and accomplish more is having a clear objective. Instead of running around madly trying to get all the things done, we can take a step back and ponder about what is most important - that one thing that will bring you closer to your immediate goal - and focus on that. All the rest can wait (or be delegated).

We are so unused to focusing on one objective, that it can be disconcerting at first. One of the reasons why trying to do it all is so tempting, I guess, is because it keeps us from asking ourselves difficult questions.

What is my purpose in life? When the day/month/year ends, how will I know whether I have made it a good one? How can I know I am closer to where I want to be?

These are questions we don’t ask ourselves very often. And, when we are too busy tackling one thousand different things, we dismiss them as irrelevant, as something we’ll think about when we have the time.

Except that the time never comes unless you make time.

When you deliberately choose what to prioritize, things become suddenly easier. You have clear criteria that will make further decision-making easier. You have time in your hands (because you’re no longer doing all the things) to think, rest and be inspired. And this in turn makes you more productive.

So, in a way, you do end up feeling the accomplishment you yearned for when you were juggling, but it does not look like what you expected.

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