Ready to get back in the game?

You know you can do it. You have the skills and training and solid background to your credit.

And yet, it is so hard. Because there is never enough time. Because I can’t even make it to yoga once a week, let alone get a job. Because weeks are short in between school holidays. Because look at that mountain of laundry.

So while you sip your (cold) coffee after everyone is out the door to work/to school, you crave for something more. All that you've been through, all that you learned during these years as a parent, it means something. Something that goes beyond the confines of your little home, of your family. You’re a new person. You’re stronger. And at the same time, more comfortable with being vulnerable. 

You’ve lost so many battles (as every parent is bound to). You’ve put so much of you into the hardest job of raising a child. And now, you want to use some of this force, this creative force, this new energy, to the benefit of other people. And to your own good too, because you deserve it.

You have perhaps brainstormed, spent hours on Google, taken notes on different leads you could explore. Or you browse through job offers on LinkedIn with the same lustful eyes as one would swipe Tinder. 

The point being, you’re ripe for change. But that defiant pile of laundry still sits there. And pick-up time is only 30 minutes away, and the kids need new rainboots, and you promised to meet a friend for coffee tomorrow after school drop-off.

Does that description correspond to you? Then you’ll love Back in the Game.

We’ll start by digging into your past experience to identify your WHY. This is what drives you, the way you contribute to the world in your personal best. Your WHY will be your compass, your most important decision-making tool.

We’ll then look at how you’re spending your time and try to find creative ways to carve the minutes and hours for your career comeback project (spoiler: it will involve practicing “no”).

Next, let’s work on your story, the way you talk about yourself. Explore different angles, discover unsuspected links and interpretations, and write down the epic version of your path.

And finally, let’s brush up that pitch and make sure every time you talk to someone, they remember you - for good reasons.

You can also attend one of your CV/LinkedIn workshops that take place several times a year.

What do you say? Ready to start this adventure? Then book your place:

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