The uncomfortable topic of sales skills

“I want to make my business work, but let’s be honest, I hate selling… “

I’ve seen so many women who run small businesses voice similar complaints.


Bonjour Geneva networking café in partenrship with Salt Consulting

Denise Nickerson and Michelle Guiliano, founders of Salt Consulting, will be our guest coaches for the evening. The evening begins with an informal discussion about sales with Michelle and Denise, during which everyone will be able to ask questions/share experiences. Following the discussion, you will have time to interact with other participants individually, and to ask questions to Denise, Michelle and I.


Participants who wish to further develop their sales skills will also have the opportunity to sign up for workshops with Denise and Michelle at a preferential rate.

Putting on your sales hat may feel very uncomfortable. Like you don’t sound like yourself. You may be afraid of imposing, or of being rejected. Perhaps the word ‘sales’ immediately makes you think of pushy people who coaxed you into buying whatever gadget or service you didn’t like or need, just so you could see the back of them (ask me about the photographer who did the graduation album for my class at university).

When Denise Nickerson and I first started discussing a potential collaboration, one of the topics she suggested for a networking café was “sales as a practice to make the world a better place”. Hold on. What was that? “Sales” and “making the world a better place” couldn’t possibly coexist. Right? At least that was my first reaction.

Then, examining the matter more carefully, it became clear to me how improving our sales skills is a necessary step to achieve our ultimate goal: to transform people’s lives through all the good that we have to offer.

It is not about selling whatever to whoever. It is about letting the world find out what we can help our clients/company/patients achieve. And the prerequisite for that is acknowledging our own worth.

We are faithful cheerleaders of friends who put their hearts into their high-value work. We will recommend them to everyone around us, and support them through moments of doubt.

But when it comes to OUR work/skills/services, then we may find it really hard to state our worth.

Because you don’t want to sound aggressive and drive people away. Because you don’t want to come across as a mercenary. Maybe even because you come from a certain moral/religious upbringing that did not see profit with a good eye (my case, hands down).

This may show its effects in the way you set your pricing policy, in reluctance to negotiate contracts even when the conditions are detrimental to you, in the way you present yourself, and it will most certainly have an impact on your balance sheet at the end of the year.

No matter where these mixed feelings towards sales stem from, we can all learn to stand up to our worth.

The next edition of the Bonjour Geneva networking café on September 12th creates a space where we can talk earnestly about our what holds us back in our sales efforts. It is an evening of authentic conversation in a cozy setting, where everyone is heard and rich exchanges take place.

If you could use some help in telling the world all the good you can do, jump on board and join other like-minded women for an evening of fun and effective networking!