Membership-based networking groups: OWIT

There are so many networks catering to Geneva’s international audience. Maybe you have googled them all, then felt overwhelmed and clueless as to which one would better match your profile. Maybe you don’t have the time or motivation to research the options out there. As your go-to person when it comes to rebuilding your network in Geneva, I am here to help!

Clementine Lue Clark

Clementine Lue Clark, freelance program manager and membership Vice President at OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade), tells us what OWIT is about and what you can get from becoming a member.

How did OWIT help you adapt to your new life in Switzerland?

When I first arrived in the Geneva area in 2016, I started going to monthly meetings, which are also open to non-members, and every time I felt lifted after the meeting. I met cheerleaders and heard inspiring stories, and this kept me going. It is a safe place to talk and meet like-minded people, and it is also a way of being part of an international community, as OWIT has chapters all over the world.

OWIT gives men and women the opportunity to meet like-minded people and develop their skills set

OWIT gives men and women the opportunity to meet like-minded people and develop their skills set

Is OWIT dedicated to a specific profile? Who is it for?

Our mission is to promote women’s leadership in international business, trade, and development. Don’t let the name dissuade you, we have members from many areas and career paths! You don’t have to work in international trade to be a member.

How does your membership system work?

Annual individual membership is 180 CHF and gives you access to our mentoring program as well as various opportunities to network and pitch your business. Some events are free of charge for members, and for the paying ones, members benefit from a special discount. There are also many interesting volunteering opportunities. Starting in September 2018, we will put in place a member referral programme offering a discount for members who refer their friends.

OWIT Annual Summer Reception

What do you get as a volunteer?

Volunteering with OWIT gives you the opportunity to shine and nurture your qualities. It can be a way of building a new skill set, different from what you do at work. Of course, you may also volunteer to do something you already do really well, or something that is a passion for you. Members are welcome to suggest themes and activities. We are very receptive to new ideas for workshops and events.

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