The virtuous cycle of meaningful networking and self-confidence

What is the relationship between networking and self-confidence? How can networking help you feel more confident about your professional project, or help you improve it?

Meaningful talk (the kind that can lead to collaboration and new contacts) can only take place when we are being ourselves. Talented, unique and imperfect as we are.

In everyday life, it is not easy to find room for being imperfect, especially when you are looking for a job or trying to figure out your life in a new city. We all feel the pressure to have it all together, to be better-faster-stronger. And while there are days when you may feel unstoppable (do enjoy those!), we all need support from authentic conversations with real human beings. To connect with other women who are also facing successes and pitfalls on their journey creating a life that corresponds to who they are.

This is what Bonjour Geneva cafés offer you. A place where you can have authentic discussions with other women who are also interested in building a meaningful network. A place where you can be this wonderfully flawed person - and thank goodness for that. Were we flawless and self-sufficient, life would be very lonely.

When you own your story without playing down the success and the failures, networking will help you find the people with skills that complement your own. Even if it's not a formal job opportunity, you may find someone who is willing to swap services, or simply to share that piece of advice that helps you solve a problem that had been blocking you.

Expanding your network then becomes a pleasure and, in the process, you feel confident at a much deeper level, as you better understand what makes you unique and realize how exchanging and collaborating makes us all stronger.

You don't have to wait until you launch your website. You don't have to wait until you have the perfect pitch. Let me tell you, your pitch is going to improve a great deal when you start getting out there and testing how people react to it.

Come to the Networking Café to share your ideas, ask any specific questions that you may be facing in your job search and/or career path, and meet other women on this journey of creating a life that corresponds to who you are.

Our first networking café will be a soirée on June 20th, from 7 to 9 pm. Click below to see all details and book your ticket for 25 CHF (includes a drink and tapas)