Networking spring, Blooming People: I am a butterfly!

I was slightly apprehensive last Saturday as I headed to Impact Hub Lausanne to attend Le Printemps de l'Entrepreunariat, a networking event for womenpreneurs created by Soft Web.

It was my first "speed mentoring": five minutes to get advice and tips from a more experienced womanpreneur before the bell rang and you switched places and went talk to someone else.

I love the generosity of all the women who offered to act as mentors for the evening. I got some precious advice and encouragement from them and also discovered, to my great joy, that a considerable part of the attendees had already heard of this blog.

Aurore Bui, the founder of Soft Web, talked about the mentoring program that they have each year to support women who wish to start their own company or scale up a business that already exists. If you are a womanpreneur in Geneva, go talk to Aurore and her team. They offer one free meeting to discuss your project and then you can decide if you are ready to apply for the mentoring or book a few coaching sessions with them.


The great discovery of the evening for me was Katell Bosser and her book Blooming People. Katell is a serialpreneur who had the idea of writing a book to help people better manage their personal finances inspired by the principles of permaculture. Wait, what? Yes, it sounds eccentric (and that's probably why she got my attention from the start. I have a penchant for peculiar ideas). And it's really fascinating.

The idea is to identify what your strengths and limitations are, based on a model that defines 4 garden insects with different but complementary profiles: the ant (hardworking and altruistic), the butterfly (creative, solution-oriented), the bee (the networker and communicator) and the spider (detail-oriented and efficient). As Katell put it, we can only make a difference by putting emphasis on what we are better at and finding ways to bridge the gap when it comes to our limitations. For instance, you can swap services with other solopreneurs: you write for them and they give you a hand with accounting. So, very much in the collaborative spirit that I love.

I took the quiz and to my surprise, I am a butterfly. Full of energy and creative ideas, but not so great at plowing through details. (the typical butterfly is not very good at respecting deadlines either, and I think that the pile of interviews I have yet to transcribe and share on this blog is proof that it is true).

Now, this was a HUGE "déclic" for me. I realized that all my life I've been putting an insane amount of energy in getting better at the things that don't come naturally to me, and that I took for granted what makes me unique. I see now that I could have performed so much better at every job that I ever did if I had dared to let this creative energy flow free, instead of trying to fit in the structure that was already there. I am a troublemaker, of sorts. In a good way. And I am committing myself to use this talent to excel in my personal and professional life and help more people create a life that resembles who they are. 

I encourage you to take the quizz on Katell's website and check her book. Let me know your thoughts!