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Break the isolation, identify your life project in Geneva and take concrete steps to achieve it!

The founder

Maria Alice Stock

I came to Geneva in 2009 after my husband found a job in the city. It was a monumental change for me. (Apart from a short spell in Paris, I had so far lived only in São Paulo, Brazil). Always curious and creative, I embraced the challenge of adapting to a new country with enthusiasm - and also a good dose of anxiety, I must admit. While I fell deeply in love with this city, I  also discovered how hard it can be to rebuild your network, find a job and be(come) a mother away from extended family and friends.

Based on my own experience of reinventing myself twice since I arrived (first as a student, later as a mother), and everything I learned in the long process of in setting my professional life back on track, I founded Bonjour Geneva to support and inspire women facing the same challenge.

Bonjour Geneva is a place for authentic conversation where you can meet new friends (or even potential clients and business partners!). Every week, I share tips and present practices that can help you find your place and shine your light in Geneva. You’re in for a real treat!

Welcome to your new home!


I'm not trailing!

The term trailing spouse is widely used to describe women who follow their partner's work relocation and it was tempting for me to use it as well to simplify the conversation. However, I don't think anyone likes to be trailed about. The whole point of Bonjour Geneva is helping you take the reins of the situation and go about your integration in a positive and effective fashion. Having a project (even if it is taking an hedonistic break from your previous life) helps you feel confident and avoid that odd moment when someone asks, "so, what do you?".

Some of us have the chance to arrive already employed by a local company. However, many come with no clue about how to build a fulfilling life in their new home. That was me, nine years ago, and while I have since pursued interesting academic, professional and personal projects, I feel I could have used some more information and guidance back in my first days in Geneva. It just didn't occur to me that I could look for help. Luckily for you, I am here to be your lighthouse during this transition! My job is to inspire you, connect you to new people and to find the answers to your questions.