Break the isolation, identify your life project in Geneva and take concrete steps to achieve it!

Resuming an active professional life after an extended parenting break can be the most rewarding adventure you’ve ever lived!


You took a break to raise your children and now it’s time to go back to work. Let’s go!


Back in the game

Our program designed to help you:

  • set your goals;

  • reconect with your purpose and values;

  • make room for your professional project in your schedule;

  • introduce yourself with autenthicity and confidence

  • approach your career comeback with self-kindness and good humour.


Adapt to your new reality with self-kindness and good humor

We’ve been there. We know the emotional rollercoaster and the logistics challenges that stay at home parents face when you decide to reclaim time and energy for your own personal fulfillment.

We believe that it’s key to have fun along the way, and though the recipe for that varies from one person to another, we know that a sense of community helps a lot when it comes to celebrating victories and surpassing setbacks.

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