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Break the isolation, identify your life project in Geneva and take concrete steps to achieve it!

A community for women who want to break the isolation, make room for their own projects and redefine their identity in their new home.


You moved to Geneva for your partner’s job. Now what?


Develop your network and meet new friends.

It can be difficult to make new contacts in the first months following an international relocation, especially when there are language barriers.

If you are longing for more than small talk in front of your kids’ school, you’ve come to the right place.

Enjoy meaningful, authentic conversation at our breakfast sessions and networking cafés. Motivation boost guaranteed!


Create a rhythm for your days and weeks that enables you to be inspired and recharge your batteries.

Moving your family abroad can be very demanding, both logistically and emotionally, but it does not have to mean setting your own needs aside. Take the time to connect with your needs and purpose, exchange ideas and experiences, and discuss your alternatives for a smoother integration. When you thrive, your whole family benefits from it!

Meaningful conversation

Adapt to your new reality with self-kindness and good humor

I’ve been there, so I know that you may feel simultaneously fortunate to be living in Switzerland and melancholic at having left your job and friends behind. I know how you can be in love with the city and at the same time heartbroken. Though there is no magic antidote to the feeling of being uprooted, having someone to guide you within a group of like-minded women will certainly help you get through this transition with more lightness at heart!

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